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our distance learning program enables students and/or potential instructor's the best of both vhs/dvd with online streaming, downloadable media for a complete level  1  & 2  educational package done entirely at home. you can either learn for your own personal empowerment, or become certified to share your knowledge with others.

distance learning certification can be achieved through either videotaped evaluation sent directly to our board, or through a wtc instructor near  you. this program provides anybody the opportunity to learn tai chi from anywhere. 

simply fill out the form below, and a representative will contact you with details and information to get started right away!



anyone can purchase world tai chi videos and study our program, however, if you're interested in progressive education, then your first step in tai chi training begins with level 1 & 2 w.t.c.a. certification. here you will learn the fundamentals of tai chi, and upon completion and testing, you will be awarded a w.t.c.a. diploma from our board of certification. these levels include elements of movement carefully selected to prepare you for your continuing education. 

click here if you would like to see the level 1 & 2 curriculum.

​next, you'll move forward on to level 3 & 4. Here, your skills are improved with more advanced techniques and information. At this level, you may begin your program to become a w.t.c.a. instructor. level 3 certification is a comprehensive study of the beijing 24 form, while level 4 certification is an independent study of your choice from many possible applications.

after completion of level 4, level 5 master instructor certification allows you to train other instructors.