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    World Tai Chi is the leader in Tai Chi education and certification, dedicated to the highest quality training by
    leading industry professionals. Our certification programs combine traditional Eastern methods with modern
    Western understanding for a complete approach to Tai Chi learning. Health Care and Martial Arts professionals
    from around the globe choose our system as a simple method to integrate Tai Chi within their field of expertise.

    World Tai Chi Mission Statement
    The mission of the World Tai Chi Association is to empower and educate students, instructors and schools
    through cultivating a strong flexible foundation in the martial arts. This foundation will promote:
  • Health and vitality throughout all stages of life.
  • Enhanced learning of other arts.
  • Enhanced performance skills and abilities in arts or skills one has learned or is learning.
  • The ability to fluidly move in and through the various roles and worlds of one's life through the
    understanding of strategy, appreciation of cultural diversity, conflict resolution skills and becoming a more
    centered person.
  • The ability to promote the living arts through word, image and movement.

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