Certification Levels

1.   Basic Student (Levels 1,2,3, and 4):
Through a combination of video and personal instruction, a student becomes
certified when proficiency in a level is achieved as per the instructor's discretion.  
Each task within a level must be documented and dated by the instructor for
submission to the World Tai Chi certification board for approval.  If a student
chooses to "self-study", then either an instructor must be contacted for testing, or a
home video may be sent directly to the review board.  Once (and if) approved, and
official diploma is sent to the instructor to award the student.  If desired, a colored
sash system which denotes various levels, can now be worn by students.  The
colored sashes and their respective levels are as follows:

Level 1 - Orange               Level 2 - Blue
Level 3 - Brown                Level 4 - Black

2.   Basic Instructor:
Trains Basic Students through Level 3.  Can certify Level 1 & 2. To become a Basic
Instructor, completion of an instructor-training seminar is required.  Seminars are
conducted by Master Instructors, and upon completion, Basic Instructors are certified
to teach students up to a particular level (based upon the instructor's level).

3.    Master Instructor:
Highest level of certification.  Trains Basic Students to become instructors Level 4 &
up.  To become a Master Instructor (to certify other instructors), a master level
certification course/seminar is required, as well as completing other requirements as
set by the board.  Once Master level status is achieved, instructors may conduct their
own Basic Instructor certification seminars.

4.  S.T.A.R. And B.E.A.M. Certification:
This program is now on a 6 hour DVD. Students can review the DVD and take a test
that is included with the DVD for certification.  S.T.A.R. and B.E.A.M. certification
seminars are held yearly.