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the world tai chi program is an internationally recognized progressive education program for tai chi developed by grandmaster jin heng li and master peter hill combining traditional and authentic  eastern training methods presented in a western format and perspective.

a beginning student can become certified from a very basic level and, with continuing education can become certified to teach tai chi and integrate this program within their existing profession. (i.e. health-care professionals, fitness experts, martial arts schools, etc...)

impact the world with positive mental, emotional and physical benefits that tai chi has to offer while building your own knowledge, power, inner harmony and love as you navigate the roles and worlds of your life.



master peter hill:

thank you for showing interest in world tai chi and yourself. here at world tai chi we offer many programs to help you get started or master the arts. we welcome you on your adventures and are glad to be apart of it. 

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about us and our goal to a successful future


more than 300 different known martial arts styles are practiced in china. there are two chinese martial art systems, the internal and the external systems. the internal system includes tai chi, hsing-i, and pa-qua styles. they emphasize stability and have limited jumps and kicks. the external system includes shao lin, long fist, southern fist, and other styles. the styles emphasize linear and lateral, straight and circular movements, breathing combined with sound, strength, speed and hard power impact contact, jumps, and kicks.

there are many different styles or families of tai chi chuan. the five which are practiced most commonly today are the yang, chen, wu, and sun styles. all tai chi styles, however, are derived from the original chen family style.

some people believe that tai chi was developed by a taoist priest from a temple in china's wutang mountains. it is said that he once observed a white crane harmonizing with a snake, and mimiced their movements to create the unique tai chi martial art style. initially, tai chi was practiced as a fighting form, emphasizing strength, balance, flexibility, and speed. through time it has evolved into a soft, slow, and gentle form of exercise which can be practiced by people of all ages.


you can begin to certify students in tai chi right away our instructor's enjoy a program that's simple to tailor to, and integrate within their existing health care and/or martial arts system. educational materials and seminars are provided with an instructor's discount, as well as access to special news-letters, events, and programs for instructors only. your education may then continue with a master instructor certification. master instructor's may certify other instructors and receive the additional benefit of purchasing educational materials at even lower rates, and becoming distributors to both instructor's and level 1 students!