World Tai Chi Program
                                              World Tai Chi Program Overview

      The World Tai Chi program is an internationally recognized progressive education program for Tai Chi developed by
Grandmaster Jinheng Li and Master Peter Hill combining traditional and authentic Eastern training methods presented in a Western
format and perspective. A beginning student can become certified from a very basic level and, with continuing education, can become
certified to teach Tai Chi and integrate this program within their existing profession. Health Care and Martial Arts professionals from
around the globe choose the World Tai Chi system as a simple method to integrate Tai Chi within their field of expertise.

Level One Essentials are designed to cultivate rootedness in the legs, pliability in the waist and flexibility and strength in the upper
body.  Level one exercises are generally done in place while expanding and contracting the various body parts while integrating
breath and body energy mind (b.e.a.m.) integration  Techniques from the various Tai Chi forms can be traced back to level one
exercises (Qigong) and used to cultivate areas that need to be improved upon or areas where the student needs to build strength or
cultivate pliability.

Level Two Essentials generally involve moving across the training floor while doing the exercises repeatedly to cultivate moving
energy, balance and power. These exercises are generally more complex and involved then Level One exercises. Hua To's 5 Animal
Frolic is perhaps the best know Level 2 exercises that can be used as a model or framework for understanding what constitutes Level
2 Essentials.

Level 3 begins the integration of essentials into choreographed movements called Katas or Forms and can also be used to catalog
techniques or exercises. The Yang 24 or 48 form, Wu or Chen Short Forms and many others fit into this category as long as it is under
48 movements in total.

Level 4:  Cultivates an integration of Tai Chi materials including weapons like the Tai Chi fan, sword, staff etc, faster Tai Chi sets,
advanced Qigong or esoteric sets like wild goose, 108 traditional sets/forms and more martial forms that can be taught from a Tai Chi
perspective including 5 Animal Forms.

Level 5: This level certifies an instructors well rounded knowledge, education and teaching skills in the first 4 levels of Tai Chi along
with a specialization in a specific area or integrated aspect of Tai Chi. This level is designated by the title, "Master Instructor".

Level 6-10: These areas continue on into integrative areas of Tai Chi both in depth and width. These levels also include public
education, teaching instructors and the overall promotion of Tai Chi through all possible venues.


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