STAR & BEAM Program
                                              STAR & BEAM Program Overview

      S.T.A.R. (Seniors Transcending and Revitalizing) and B.E.A.M.(B.ody E.nergy a.nd M.ind) are foundational Tai Chi programs
developed especially for activity, health and fitness professionals who work with all levels of fitness, mobility and special needs. The
beauty of these programs exist in their simplicity and ease of understanding and application in the pertinent facility. Tai Chi has often
been made out to be a mysterious and difficult art but much of the difficulty has been in translating an Asian way of thinking (circular,
pictographic and nature oriented) into a western style of thinking (linear, abstract and mechanistic).

S.T.A.R. program teaches how Tai Chi works to benefit all the systems of the body and through the magic of movement and
breath increases range of motion, relieves pain, decreases depression, relieves arthritis and promotes an overall feeling of well
being. It is gentle and systematic and works wonders for revitalizing people after strokes or just years of neglect. We speak that our
bodies are temples and yet for many of us the body becomes a prison.
S.T.A.R. helps to start craving out some space within those
prison walls while promoting lightness and purpose. Diaphragmatic breathing is the best way to stimulate your lymphatic system which
helps rid the body of toxins and cellular waste along with gentle movement!   

B.E.A.M. program uses Tai Chi fundamentals to lubricate the joints while promoting increased strength and flexibility.
Increased balance, body awareness and new ways of moving efficiently and effectively are just a few of the benefits!  
      Master Hill recently taught a
S.T.A.R. & B.E.A.M. program at the National Association of Activities Professionals National
Convention in Scottsdale, Arizona. He inspired many of the attendees to get certified and to take the program back to their residents
and those they serve. One participant remarked that it was the best program she had ever attended at a state or national level! Peter
entertains, educates and empowers you to be your best and in turn to share what you learn with others.
      Two of the many benefits of the program are the email and phone support and video workshop discounts. You can contact Peter
Hill about setting up a
S.T.A.R. & B.E.A.M. workshop in your area! Help spread the great benefits of Tai Chi while improving your own
quality of life and vitality!

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