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                                                  Learn Tai Chi!
            So you have heard from a friend, TV, magazine or newspaper about the many health benefits of Tai Chi
    and you are interested to learn but how do you go about finding a qualified instructor to teach you.  You may not
    have any Tai Chi instructors in your town and if you do they may not be certified to teach.   
           The World Tai Chi Association offers certified instructors around the United States dedicated to providing
    the highest quality training.  From a new student just starting out to experienced instructors wanting to fine tune
    or add to their existing knowledge, the World Tai Chi Association provides training seminars, a online learning
    center, video workshops and distance learning programs to members.  

    World Tai Chi Certified Instructors:
          At World Tai Chi we test our instructors to make sure they are qualified for certification.  With World Tai Chi
    certification you can be sure the instructor has a complete training in the foundation of Tai Chi which are
    special moving exercises called Qigong (Chi-Gung or Dao Yin) as well as learning Tai Chi forms.
    Understanding the energy behind the movements and the health benefits of the movements takes careful
    training.  Our level four and five instructors also have weapon, push hands as well as the difficult long form
           There are a lot of instructors out there teaching after taking one semester class or learning one form who
    don't have the foundation they need to teach Tai Chi correctly. Many make up for their lack of knowledge by
    blending Yoga, Pilates and PE movements into their class.  You owe it to yourself to learn Tai Chi correctly.
           Please check our listing of certified World Tai Chi instructors to see if there is a instructor near you.  Our
    instructors are ranked based on their level of training with Levels 4-6 designating more experienced Tai Chi
    Instructors.  Instructors who are current members will have contact information listed or send us a e-mail if you
    would like to contact a instructor who is not a current member.

    Distance Learning Program:
           Without learning directly from a certified instructor, the next best option would be to sign up for the
    Distance learning program.  With the distance learning program you work closely with Master Hill who will
    monitor your progress through the programs.  With the Distance Learning program you go step by step through
    your choice of two programs:

           The STAR & BEAM program is a foundational Tai Chi program developed especially for activity, health
    and fitness professionals who work with all levels of fitness, mobility and special needs. This program can be
    learned in a seminar with Master Hill or by studying his six hour training DVD.  A written test is available for
           The World Tai Chi program is a full Tai Chi training program.  Students progress through the World Tai
    Chi program using a combination of manuals, DVD's, and most importantly, having your progress monitored by
    Master Hill.  Students can choose to learn the World Tai Chi program from a health perspective or they can
    choose the more traditional martial perspective.
           Anyone can purchase a DVD online, but try finding a manual or someone to answer a question you might
    have about a movement or concept and you will appreciate the difference of World Tai Chi.  With the World Tai
    Chi Distance learning program you can freely ask as many questions you want directly with Master Hill or ask
    questions in our member newsgroup and get responses from the entire family of instructors.
           Distance learning students can obtain level certification by sending in video demonstrations or by
    attending one of our semi-annual certification seminars.   You must attend a certification seminar in order to
    become certified to teach.

    Video Workshops:
           Our entire World Tai Chi program is available on DVD through our online store.  These DVD's are geared
    to serious students who want to become level certified or to become certified to teach.
           Members save 20% off the retail price of all of our video and DVD workshops. In our Online Learning
    center we offer our members the first two video files for download to get them started in learning the amazing
    exercise program Tai Chi! As a member you can ask questions to other members in our member only forum or
    directly by e-mail to Master Hill.

    Online Learning Center:
           By becoming a member, you will receive your ID and password to login to our member area of the
    website.  This member area offers the full resources you will need in your journey to learn Tai Chi.  We have
    charts and written breakdowns of the movements.  In the Online Learning Center you will learn Tai Chi and
    Qigong theory and philosophy as well as history and information on the styles of Tai Chi.  You can read articles
    on the health benefits of Tai Chi as well as the current  and past issues of our informative newsletter.  In our
    Video files section we offer video files to play or download to aid in your learning experience.

           World Tai Chi sponsors 2-3 weekend long certification seminars each year in Phoenix, Arizona.  These
    seminars are for students to become level certified and for instructor certification.  In addition, Master Hill will
    travel around the country to do training seminars for certification or in support of his STAR and Beam program.
    Please contact Master Hill if you are interested in attending or would like a seminar in your city or town.

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