Distance Learning Program
                                                      Distance Learning Program

What is the Distance Learning Program?
Our Distance Learning Program enables students and/or potential instructor's who may not have access to a certified instructor in their
area to learn the World Tai Chi and the STAR & BEAM programs from home.  Anyone can purchase our DVD's but with our Distance
learning program you will also be in direct contact with Master Peter Hill or another senior instructor as you move through the program
with E-Mail and phone support.  You can either learn for your own personal empowerment, or become certified to share your knowledge
with others.

What do I learn?
The first choice is whether you are interested in learning the World Tai Chi program which is a complete Tai Chi program or you would
like to learn a special program of Tai Chi and Qigong basics called the STAR & BEAM program.

    STAR & BEAM Program:  The STAR & BEAM program is a easy to learn program geared to activity, health and fitness
    professionals who work with all levels of fitness, mobility and special needs.

    World Tai Chi Program:  Learn a complete Tai Chi program!  Students can choose to learn from a health perspective or a more
    traditional martial perspective.  You will learn the basics - warm ups, stances, standing postures, moving Qigong sets.  You will
    learn forms - health forms, traditional family forms, modern standard forms, martial forms.  You will learn push hands - stationary
    and moving and two person fighting forms.  You will learn weapons - fan, straight sword, broadsword or saber, spear, staff.

How do I become certified?
Distance Learning Certification can be achieved through either videotaped evaluation sent directly to our board, or through a World Tai
Chi Instructor near you. We offer 2-3 certification seminars each year in Phoenix, Arizona.  This program provides anybody the
opportunity to learn Tai Chi from anywhere.

How do I start?
To start, simply purchase a Membership for $40.00.  With the purchase of your membership you will receive the first two Level One
video's - Tai Chi Theory, Concepts and Principles and the Five Organ Set as a free download - a $60.00 value!  For more information
on memberships please visit our
join information page.

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